How Big is a 24 Inch Pizza

Have you ever thought about how much bigger (or smaller) a 24-inch pizza is compared to the standard medium or large sizes offered by your favorite pizzerias? Understanding the size and what it can offer has its advantages.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how big a 24 inch pizza really is and explore some key benefits of ordering one instead of relying on conventional sizes. Whether you want more bang for your buck or simply want to share an epic meal with friends, this guide will explain why you should consider going for a 24-inch pizza next time!

What Size Is a 24 Inch Pizza?

A 24-inch pizza is nearly twice the size of a medium-sized 12-inch pizza. In comparison, a large 16-inch pizza will be four times bigger than a 12-inch one. That’s why 24 inches can easily feed up to 10 people if served in slices.

But it’s not just about portion sizes; 24 inch pizzas also offer an advantage when it comes to toppings. Since pizza sauces and cheeses spread more evenly over larger surfaces, you get the same amount of topping in each slice. This means that each person can enjoy the same rich flavor without having to worry about missing out on anything.

How Big is a 24 Inch Pizza
How Big is a 24 Inch Pizza

What Is the Circumference of a 24 Inch Pizza?

On average, a 24-inch pizza has a circumference of approximately 76 inches. These larger pizzas are wider than most baking trays, which is why you’ll need to rest the flour on an oven rack before baking it. This ensures that the heat circulates evenly and cooks the dough properly from all sides.

How to measure a 24 inch pizza?

The best way to measure a 24 inch pizza is by using a ruler. Start at the center of the pizza and measure outwards until you reach the desired size. This should give you an accurate measurement of your pizza’s diameter. Alternatively, some pizzerias use a special measuring tool that helps them determine how big their pies will be before they start baking them.

How Big is a 24 Inch Pizza?

At 24 inches around, a single pizza can feed up to 10 people when cut into slices. It’s also four times bigger than a large 16 inch pizza and twice as big as a medium 12 inch pizza. That means you get more toppings per slice and a larger surface area to spread out the sauce and cheese evenly over all your favorite ingredients.

How Big Is A 24 Inch Pizza Compared To Other Sizes?

In comparison to other sizes, a 24-inch pizza is definitely bigger than any conventional size. It’s twice the size of a medium 12-inch pizza and four times bigger than a large 16 inch pizza. That’s why it can feed up to 10 people when cut into slices.

How Big is a 24 Inch Pizza
How Big is a 24 Inch Pizza

How Many Calories Are in a 24 Inch Pizza?

As with any food item, the number of calories in a 24 inch pizza will vary depending on the toppings used and the baking method. Generally speaking, however, an average slice of 24-inch pepperoni pizza contains around 280 calories. That’s almost twice as much as a regular slice of 12-inch pepperoni pizza!

How Many Slices Does A 24 Inch Pizza Have?

A 24 inch pizza usually comes with 8 slices. That means every person can enjoy 2 large slices and still leave some leftovers for the next day. Of course, if you’re feeding a bigger group of people, you can easily customize your slices by cutting them into smaller wedges to accommodate everyone.

How Many People Does a 24 Inch Pizza Feed?

As mentioned earlier, a 24 inch pizza can feed up to 10 people when cut into 8 large slices. This means that you can easily share this delicious meal with a couple of friends or the whole family and still have enough leftovers for later.

Benefits of Ordering a 24 Inch Pizza

The biggest benefit of ordering a 24-inch pizza is the cost savings. By opting for the larger size, you can get more food for less money than if you were to order multiple smaller pizzas with the same toppings. This means that everybody can get their favorite topping without having to worry about running out or going over budget.

Another great benefit of choosing a 24-inch pizza is that there’s no need to compromise on toppings. With a larger surface area, you can fit more of your favorite ingredients without having to worry about leaving some out. In addition, the bigger size also means that you get more slices for everyone so nobody gets stuck with a tiny piece!

Tips for Ordering a 24 Inch Pizza:

  1. When ordering a 24-inch pizza, make sure you provide the pizzeria with your exact measurements so that they can create a perfectly round pizza for you.
  2. For best results, ask the pizzeria to use extra sauce and cheese on the outside edges to ensure maximum flavor in every slice.
  1. If you’re ordering for a large group, consider asking the pizzeria to cut the pizza into smaller slices or wedges for easier sharing.
  2. If you have any dietary restrictions, make sure to let the pizzeria know in advance so they can adjust their ingredients accordingly.
  3. Before placing your order, be sure to check that your oven is big enough to fit the 24-inch pizza.


When it comes to feeding a large group of people, ordering a 24 inch pizza is definitely the way to go. Not only will you save money but you’ll also get more toppings and slices for everyone. With this guide in hand, you’re now equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision when ordering your next pizza. So what are you waiting for? Go get that 24-inch pizza and enjoy it with all your friends!

So the next time you’re planning a gathering, don’t forget to consider the advantages of opting for a 24 inch pizza instead of relying on conventional sizes. From more bang for your buck to the ability to share with a larger group, there’s no denying that bigger is better when it comes to pizza!

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